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“Life Is Not Just About Working Hard And Paying The Bills Every Month, It’s About Learning The Art Of Relaxing And Appreciating Life By Re-Discovering The Child Within You.” – Vinay Menghwani

Beyond road is a travel and lifestyle blog that uncovers the latest in travel destinations, activities, cuisines, art, culture and a variety of other things. After going through this website, you will certainly get inspired to Travel, Eat and most importantly LIVE. Go through our blogs and get all the necessary insider advices to hit the ground running. We at www.beyondroad.com celebrate all the whys and wherefores of packing our bags, getting on a flight, hitching a ride, and explore the world that is beyond our backyards waiting to be explored by us. What is more, you can also contribute or share your experiences on our website and become a storyteller. You can also book travels at present only for India with just a click of a button and no advance payment.

Don’t Wait For the Right Time “Live the Adventure Called Life