13 Things to Do Before Getting into Your 30’s

Are you into your 20’s and have dreams that look difficult to fulfill or things that you fear pursuing. Then, you are on the correct page because in this write up you will get to read about things that you need to do before you reach the age of 30. The main motive of this to do list is to help you stay away from the word “Regret”.

1. Take Criticism Positively

Most of the people would never acknowledge what you have done for them and chances are that they will give you negative feedback every now and then. Keep on laughing and take things lightly. Don’t listen to them do whatever you want to do and prosper.

2. Live Every Single Moment, Live Life To The Fullest

Most of us live in the fantasy world and often live a moment to the fullest. Enjoy every single moment, learn the art of staying happy most of the time. Try out something new, eat that dish, go on that trip, and dance on that song. Don’t wait, just do it.

3. Learn Basic Cooking

It is not that easy as it is appears to be, but trust me it will help you throughout your life because there are phases in life when you just need to depend on yourself. It doesn’t matter, if you live with family, friends, flatmates or alone it is something, which can certainly be of great help in the longer run. What are you waiting for? Go make an omelette for yourself.

4. Fall In Love And Out Of It

Falling in love is as easy as getting out of it. Most of us look for someone who is there for us all the time, but trust me finding someone like that is nearly impossible. Because no one of us is perfect, but we want someone who is just about perfect. So, go propose the girl, you admire secretly.

5. Get Rid of Negative People

There are people in our life who spread too much of negativity, it can be anyone a friend or an acquaintance. Whosoever it is you need to get rid of them as soon as possible to stay at peace. Moreover, there are people whom you are scared to lose as well, but trust me once you get away from them life will become a lot more colorful and peaceful for sure.

6. Make New Friends

Making it happen is for sure a difficult task for a lot of people, but one way to accomplish this task is going on a solo trip, without a doubt you will come back making new friends or meet people that would inspire you in some way or the other.

7. Take Risks

Never be afraid of what can happen? Take that risk even if it is not of any monetary importance. Just ask yourself, will it be making me happy, if yes then go for it. There are times when all of us don’t want to get out of our comfort zone, but we should because it will undoubtedly help us in the longer run.

8. Try New Cuisines

Food is one thing that everyone is this beautiful little world loves to eat mainly because it blows our mind away. It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian there are loads of options for you out there.

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9. Take a Break From Daily Life

Almost all of us have read the phrase that “Work Hard and Party Harder” but it’s not true. Partying hard for a few hours will not refresh you, however taking a trip to place that you have never been to before will certainly give you the much needed relief.

10. Find Your Passion

Everyone has a hobby that they wish to pursue and make a living out of it, but are rarely able to do that. It’s mainly due to the reason that the things we like are not able to fetch us an amount that is enough for a living. Nevertheless, if you can convince yourself and most importantly your family then go give it a shot at a young age.

11. Take Care of your Mental Health

It is one of those matters that most of us never take seriously, which is why it harms us the most. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, do what you love and love what you do. Handling stress is something that you need to master and do things that make you happy and live the adventure called “Life”

12. Do Things That Scare You The Most

We all get scared of things, people, instances, but we should always get over it and start it a fresh. Whatever scares us is not as much frightening as it looks like, as we make situations a lot more negative in our thoughts. Don’t think much, “Be a Warrior not a Worrier”.

13. Travel To A City That You Always Dreamed Of

Last but most important, travelling is one thing that is an integral part of our life it rejuvenates us and makes us a better person. Don’t wait, travel to the place, you always see in your dreams preferably solo to enjoy your excursion to the fullest.

I hope my blog motivates you to improve the way you live your life and leave the world behind by doing what you feel like doing. For more such amazing life tips, do go through our recent lifestyle blog, 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend and relish life.

2 Comments on “13 Things to Do Before Getting into Your 30’s”

  1. Thank you, i’m 20 now but that’ll come in handy soon.
    i liked the most no. 7 Take risks, i think that it’s very important to do things out of your comfort zone, and no. 10 Find your Passion, always follow your dreams!
    I like this blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Such an inspiring post, I know what travelling adds to the mind. I have gone on several solo trips and I admit it is one of the most rejuvinating things. For the other things on the list I think they are good too. Nice post

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