7 Untouched Remote Islands in India for a Relaxing Getaway in Nature’s Lap

There are times when you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and relax for a while with your family and friends. However, it becomes pretty hard to get a relaxing holiday when you are surrounded by hundreds of other vacationers. Therefore, rather than visiting a famous tourist attraction it is recommended to try an offbeat travel attraction. And the below mentioned remote places are the best way to accomplish this task, so if you are looking for some solitude, then do read this slightly different travel blog. When it comes to remote locations, islands are the first choice of people of almost all the age groups. We have made a list of 7 out of the way islands, which are just about perfect for holidaymakers on the lookout for a peaceful outing.

From a sleepy village in Garamur, Assam to a barren island in Andaman’s, here are some of the most stunning remote islands in India that you might have never heard about.

Butterfly & Honeymoon Island

Almost everyone has taken a trip to Goa, but most of us must have only explored the famous tourist attractions recommended by travel guides. Nonetheless, one such place that you need to explore on your next Goa trip is butterfly & Honeymoon Island, which is located near Palolem beach. It is one of the cleanest and least commercialized islands in the whole of Goa with scenic exquisiteness still intact. Here, you can also get to see those sumptuous dolphins jumping around your ferry while going towards this wonderful island.

Pro Tip: Try to Indulge in Adventure Activities like Kayaking and Snorkeling when you are in Palolem.

Best Time to Visit Goa: October to June

Majuli Island

Considered to be the biggest river island in India, Majuli Island is the place known for its exquisite natural beauty. I went to this place in the month of November and got mesmerized by the awe-inspiring sunrises and dramatic sunsets this quaint little place had on offer. On top of that, you will get to take a taste of the Assamese culture up-close. You can take a boat ride from Jorhat to Majuli and explore the Mishing Village and 21 Satras, which are the key places to visit in Assam.

Pro Tip: Renting a motorbike to travel around Majuli Island is highly recommended.

Best Time to Visit Assam: October to February


The southern part of India is a region which is on the bucket list of tourists from all across the globe mainly because of its natural beauty. Moreover, Dhanushkodi has turned out be a major tourist destination in the last few years because of Ram Setu and Pamban Island. Dhanushkodi is situated at a distance of nearly 20 kilometers from the old town of Rameshwaram, which can be reached by train from the mainland through the famous Pamban Bridge. This place is still considered to be isolated and is known as “The Ghost Town’ because of mysterious reasons.

Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to spend some time on the crystal clear virgin beaches of Dhanushkodi.

Best Time to Visit Tamil Nadu: October to March

Hukitola Island, Odisha

One of most isolated and less touristy places in India is Hukitola Island, situated in Odisha. There is also a Fort on site, which is a 150 year old historic monument built in 1867 by Britishers that is now in abandoned state along with a lighthouse located on Jambu Island in the Bay of Bengal. Hukitola fort is home to a storm-proof warehouse and has a total of 11 gigantic and 9 standard sized chambers. You can reach this place by taking a boat ride from Ramnagar towards backwaters of Jambu.

Pro Tip: Do take a look at the rainwater harvesting system installed by British architects in the year 1750.

Best Time to Visit Odisha: September to March

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Said to be a paradise for honeymooners, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are full of small little islands where you can spend quality time with your partner. There are a lot of places to explore on this beautiful island, but we have made a list of few places, which are a must visit if you are looking for some peace and serenity.

  • Radhanagar Beach, This 2 kilometers long island is just 12 kilometers away from Havelock Island ferry pier and is ideal for beach lovers looking for turquoise water and nature in its raw form.
  • Little Andaman Island, famous for its rare marine turtles, this island doesn’t have that much of crowd. When you are there, visit white surf, whisper wave waterfalls and coral reefs on the eastern side of the island.
  • Barren Island in Andaman & Nicobar is the only active volcanic isle of the nation and South Asia as well. However, landing ashore is not allowed, but you can circle around the place in a board vessel, which is worth a watch.
  • Great Nicobar Island is the largest isle in the country and can be reached by taking a boat or helicopter from Port Blair. Great Nicobar biosphere reserve, Indira point, and Campbell bay are the places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Pro Tip: Revel in Adventure activities like Surfing, barefoot Scuba Diving and Kayaking.

Best Time to Visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands: November to May

St Mary’s Island, Udupi

Located just off the coasts of Karnataka, it is the only island in India with basaltic rock formations. This offbeat travel destination is somewhat similar to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland with a set of four small islands. These rocky beaches and its clear turquoise water make it a must visit. Taking a ferry from Malpe, Karnataka is recommended, which will take nearly 15 minutes to reach this place.

Pro Tip: Please carry your own food and drinks, as there is no restaurant facility on St Mary’s Island.

Best Time to Visit Udupi: December to February

Lakshadweep Islands

It is one of those offbeat islands that everyone knows about, but very few people plan a vacation to this place because they are uncertain about the means of transportation to reach there. It is a set of 36 palm-laden gorgeous coral islands. Once you reach this place all your worries will fly away in a jiffy. Agatti Island, Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium, Kadmat and Minicoy Island are the places to visit in Lakshadweep Islands.

Pro Tip: Lakshadweep Islands are connected by both air and seaways, so book your tickets now.

Best Time to Visit Lakshadweep: October – June

When we talk about tourist places in India, there are a lot of places to visit in India, but if you are someone who likes exploring offbeat travel destinations then you surely need to visit the travel attractions mentioned above. Nonetheless, if you are planning a family trip and looking for a place with all the basic amenities then exploring Rajasthan can be a better idea. It is suggested not to take those attractive tour packages, instead plan your trip on your own and save a good amount of money. To know more about India or best places to visit in India checkout our previous travel blogs.

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