Exploring Pune in a Day

If you are a new ‘Puneite’ and have a travel bug inside to see through the city, One day is enough.

If don’t you believe me? Then read this travel blog,

Well, I being a Puneite have done my city tour to the most wonderful places while riding on my scooty. Just as the first spell of monsoon season hit the city, Pune offered me an exciting ride to the roads, witnessing big trees shading the streets, on-road shops, historic homes, buildings, happening colleges & campuses, old bridges, and lots of eating points. From vibrant cafes to bars, legendary vada-pav corners to authentic chais, all looked fascinating. Never, I have wandered a city like this, as if everything is clubbed in a very symmetrical way!

Pune is the city of ‘young hearts,’ else, worth to joy, live, and celebrate life. The landscape blends with both modernity & tradition. Do not miss the highlights of this city, if you are living here. And if you thought of ONE DAY to explore Pune, you can quickly cover some of the best places, which I am going to list up only for you.
Let’s get ready today!

Aga Khan Palace

One of the most famous spots to visit in Pune is the ‘Aga Khan Palace’ built in 1892 for a charitable venture by Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III. It got famous after the place became the Gandhi National Museum, as it was a part of the Indian freedom struggle. It was served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi & his wife, Kasturba Gandhi. The Aga Khan Palace was actually donated during 1969 by Aga Khan IV.

When you visit this place, you will witness a memorial wave wherein the remains of Kasturba Gandhi rests in peace and tell a lot of historical happenings of the Indian freedom struggle. You will see alluring Islamic architecture with hints of attractive Italian artistic pillars, arches, walls, roofs and more. And all is worth for your photographic capture, indeed! When taking a road journey in Pune, the Aga Khan Palace is necessary to visit to enjoy pleasing greenery, quietness, and historical beliefs. This spot is located on Nagar Road in Kalyani Nagar.

Open Google Maps and go on riding to this place!

P.S: Do not forget to take your camera with you. You are sure to get picture perfect shots.
Visiting time: 9.00 am – 5.45 pm
Time Spent: 1-2 hours

Pataleshwar Cave Temple: A Wonderful Single Rocked Structure

After your exit from Aga Khan Palace, turn up to the venerable, bygone, obsolete and aged ‘Pataleshwar Cave Temple’ in the city. Aren’t you a devotee? No worries, visit here for some epic photographic view of the main temple that emerged from underground. This spot is devoted to all ‘Shiv bhakts.’ People visit and offer their prayers for the Lord Shiva idol.

Pataleshwar is the 8th-century rock temple where you can see a clear ‘linga’ situated within the core area of the temple. Having those strong rocky pillars stands the temple in a robust way—which is quite clearly observable. Take a round inside the temple, and you could feel a positive notion—so quiet, devotional and yet a lot for eye-catching architectural beauty. Do not miss this if you are on Pune roads.

Map it on your smartphone and reach to see this beautiful temple!

Shaniwar Wada

You cannot skip this while you are staying in Pune. Shaniwar Wada, the famous fort served dominant seat for Peshwas & rulers of Maratha Empire. This fort is known for its magnificent architecture and is an extravagant building made by Peshwa Baji Rao I after creating a victorious history in the Third Anglo Maratha War.

Unfortunately, the fort was destroyed in a fire, and you can only see the strengthening walls of this marvel fort and easily get an idea of how massive palace it would have been in the past. Here, tourists are attracted the most to witness great armored gates, light & sound shows and fountain shows at night.

Visiting Time: 8.00 am – 6.30 pm

Show timings:
Marathi Show: 7:15 PM to 8:10 PM
English Show: 8:15 PM to 9:10 PM

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Shreemant Dagduseth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Mandir

After you completed The Shaniwar Wada tour, take a roundabout towards Pune’s iconic temple Dagduseth Mandir devoted to Hindu God ‘Ganesha.’ Here, you will see the idol made of gold and silver having beautiful artwork. Certainly, this temple has the most number of attractions of devotees and people just to have one glimpse of Lord Ganesha. If you plan to visit the temple, choose a time that gathers around ‘aarti’ (morning or evening) and feel the religious aspect inner self. Make sure to bow your head once during your journey in Pune city!

Parvati Hill Temple

Your next stop on your wheels would be the beautiful ‘Parvati Hill Temple.’ Let me remind you, it’s not a typical temple, but you will get a chance to see Pune city from 640 meters. Just imagine the scene…which is like this:

This particular hilltop rests towards the southern end of the city. From here, you can see boasts of beautiful views all the time—wherein monsoon seasons, you can view fantastic beauty of the sky, mountains, and cloud playing, floating, and what not. While in the rest of the months, you can enjoy eye-boggling sunrise & sunset views. The temple is known for spiritually refining shrines of Lord Vishnu, Lord Vinayakar, Lord Vitthalla, Goddess Rukmini and more. Parvati Hill can be one spot to revive your mind, soul and feel fresh from daily hassles of life.

The most adventures aspect to reach hilltop is climbing the ‘103 steps’. Yes! You need to be sporty, active & yet enthusiast if you really want to spot-on to the location. I am sure, you will never regret climbing the 103 steps after you view the mesmerizing scene of entire city.

Just lose yourself, focus, and start with stepping! You will reach through quickly! People, but do not miss it.

Hungry Now? Stop By ‘Cafe Goodluck!

Now that you are in the end track of your day journey in Pune, it’s true to feel hungry!

What to choose for an instant hungry-breaker?

So, stop by the most conventional, talked about, and an exceptional place that holds by every Punekar’s heart and tastes ‘Cafe Goodluck.’ Simply enjoy the reasserting Cafe Goodluck’s Irani heritage—from bubbly bun-maska combos, coffee, egg burji, classic Irani tea and a lot.

Check out the menu, and you might get confused about what to eat!

This is the Pune’s oldest & authentic Iranian Cafe founded in 1935 by Hussain Ali Yakshi. Find this place at Fergusson College Road and eat as much as you can where you do not have to worry about wallet. As for all Pune local, nothing screams to be so homely food serving for breakfast, evening snack, and all-time eatery sitting at one of their tables and sipping hot tea or coffee. Look around, and you will see big blocks of butter on other tables, as people crave! You have to taste once for all.

Okay, after you tasted some authentic palate and drinks at Cafe Gooluck, the city also offers you some of the best spiciest dishes, snacks or say, soul satisfying eateries—yes, I am taking about the famous ‘Vada-pav’. How can it be missed?

Let me take you to one of the oldest and talked about ‘vada-pav’ roof popularly named as ‘Garden Vada-Pav Center’.

Garden Vada Pav Center

This vada-pav eating roof hails in the popular area of Pune as ‘Camp Area’, which is very well known all across the city. You will find usually large Vada Pavs that serves with hot ‘aaloo pakora’ ..(that tastes amazing). Make sure you eat it carefully; the filling remains to be hot for a long time. Everytime you visit to end your hunger, you will be served with freshly made ‘vadas’ somewhat like this—

If you aren’t a foodie, Pune city will definitely rise-up your appetite with some of its best authentic ‘street-foods’ for life. These food items are worthy to make your tongue crave from time to time. Proper hygienic, fresh, & reasonable—all these factors are found on Pune roads for a quick hunger breaker time!

Wallets will also be happy, so do not worry, and enjoy Pune’s authentic and tasty palates.

Riding through the city is bliss and it is highly recommended to choose a weekend and start mapping these places to enjoy this happening city with its beautifully clean roadside covered with artistry trees & tree shades, old bridges, hills, wall-graffitis and more. If you are bored of same old tourist attractions around the national capital, New Delhi and are looking for something different then read, 11 Best Attractions Outside Delhi to Reach Within a Night’s Time.

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