Why Visit Ladakh in Winters Instead Of Summers?

A dream travel destination, which is on the bucket list of every mountain lover, is Leh Ladakh. It is a city which is known for its high altitude mountain passes, below freezing point temperatures, and a number of difficult terrains. You can also try authentic Tibetan cuisine and spend a good amount of time in winters with locals as well as monks in the monastery. The road to Ladakh is only open for 4-5 months in summers and autumn, however reaching the place at that time is also pretty difficult, as it requires amazing driving skills and the ability to handle extreme weather conditions.

Lesser Crowd

One of the key reasons and major advantages of travelling to Ladakh in winters is lesser crowd especially tourists. All this helps in getting cheaper accommodations and you also get special treatment from hotel owners. Or else, you can also stay in home stays or hostels in order to spend more time with locals and learn about their culture and rituals.

Local Festivals

There are array of local Tibetan festivals going on all year long and taking a part in these Buddhist festivals in winter season is bliss. The list of festivals between the months of October and March are as following, Deskit Gustor, Thiksay Gustor, Chemday Wangchok, Galden Namchot, Ladakhi Losar, Spituk Gustor, Leh & Likir Dosmochey, Yargon Tungshak, Stok Guru Tsechu and Matho Nagrang. All these festivals are pretty much fun as well as show you the colourful and happening side of Leh.

Snow-capped Landscape

Ladakh in winters is completely opposite to ladakh in summers it is covered with loads of snow all around and the temperature is below freezing point throughout the winter season. Moreover, travelling to all the tourist attractions outside the city is only possible through local taxis and it is highly recommended to go with an experienced driver who is completely aware of the road conditions and climate changes that can take place in a jiffy and require instant reaction.

Inexpensive flights

If you are able to get an early morning sunrise air ticket to Ladakh in the peak season then you are damn lucky, as the flights are packed with tourists from all across the globe. Considering the fact that, only a limited number of flights are destined to this beautiful Himalayan town of high altitude passes. Nonetheless, finding cheap air tickets is easy in winters that too on weekends, so pack your bags and explore this beautiful and travel destination in the best possible manner.

Frozen Pangong Lake

Pangong is one of the major attractions of Leh Ladakh, it is one of those travel attractions where everyone wishes to click a picture and show it to the world. Moreover, Pangong Lake gets completely frozen in the winters and is completely worth a visit, but staying there is not possible because of the ambiguous weather conditions.

Watch or Play Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most played sports in Ladakh especially in winters mainly because of the reason that the weather is just about ideal for this sport. Moreover, watching local players play ice hockey is also a delight for your eyes.

Live Like a Local

If you have got more than a week with you or if you are able to work from home then Ladakh is the place where you need to head to and experience this Himalayan wonderland like a local. Play with kids, learn cooking Tibetan cuisine and last but not the least, feel the winter like never before.

Picture-Perfect Photographs

Clicking those wonderfully beautiful pictures on your excursion is one of the major goals of every tourist and Ladakh is a place, which will never let you down when it comes to natural beauty. Photographs clicked from a mere Smartphone look like they have been clicked from a DSLR or photo shopped or are some kind of day dream. So, don’t forget to take your DSLR with you and cherish those unforgettable moments with your near and dears ones. If you have not got a DSLR camera and thinking about buying one, then go for Canon EOS 1300D, it is one of the most affordable entry level DSLR’s available in the market today and clicks excellent quality pictures.

World’s Tallest Ice Stupa

One of the key attractions of a trip to Ladakh in winters is Ice Stupa’s because as per the Guinness Book of World Records, Ladakh Ice Stupa is the tallest in the world. It is considered to be the highest manmade ice sculpture and is a must visit in wintertime.


One more aspect of this quaint little mountainous town, which very few travellers are able to explore, is its wildlife. Snow leopards and marmots are two of the rarest species that can only be found in this part of the world and trust me, when you will see then, you will feel the thrill.

Do Try Tibetan Cuisine

There are a lot of dishes to try and satisfy your appetite when you are in Leh. Most of the dishes include organic vegetables and some of the most mouth-watering dishes are thukpa, thenthuk , thukpa bhatuk, khapsey, momo, sweet sour and spicy vegetable gravy, and yak butter, to name a few.

The beauty of Ladakh can’t be expIained in words and it is something that needs to be experienced by your own eyes. I think all these points are convincing enough to book an air ticket for Leh and trust me when you will experience it yourself it will be far better than what you are seeing in pictures right now. All these are the reasons why Kashmir is considered to be paradise on earth and must explored by every wildlife, mountain and nature lover at least one in their life. Moreover, if you are short on time and wish to explore something nearby then read, 11 Best Attractions to Reach Within a Night’s Time.

Keep On Travelling and Live the Adventure Called “Life”

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